An introduction to

Fairy Tales & Universal Patterns 

(Rememberance & Revelation)

Our lives are alive with patterns. We are surrounded by patterns. In a sense we live our lives in discovering, identifying, tracing, or following patterns.
In many ways, we think, and see in patterns. Our sciences and mathematics are centered in formulaic patterns, as are our works of art, drama, music, dance, and literature. Our history, mythology, fairy tales, and fictional stories of every kind are told in a pattern. Both the language of prophecy, and eternal principles repeat purposeful unchangeable patterns. Our solar system was formed and moves according to predictable patterns. Languages and symbols are created according to patterns.
We have a human need for orderly, predictable, and stable patterns to offset disorder and uncertainty. In fact, patterns order chaos, lessen our concerns with life’s mutability, identify progress, promote social happiness, and clothe our lives with a larger sense of continuity and meaning.

1. The one story and the Hero's Journey
2. The importance of Adventure, Excitement, and Imagination
3. Joseph Campbell
4. Carl G. Jung
5. Daniel, Isaiah, John
6. Universal Patterns
7. Return to Saturn
8. Understanding the book of Revelation
9. Godhood, the throne, and redemption, Seals, hosts, and desolation
10. Plaques, angels, and prophets. The woman, dragon, beasts, and the mountain
11. Temples, vials, and the whore, The fall of Babylon, the bride, and the binding of Satan
12. A new Earth, throne, and tree

An introduction to

Language & Symbolism

(Archetypes, Motifs, Imagery, and Signs)

Symbolism is a marvelously instructive and expressive language. It partakes of the language of the heart and the language of the Spirit. The language of symbolism embraces everything from the dust of the earth to the glories of the heavens. To miss what is being expressed or taught with symbols is like living in a world without sunsets or autumn leaves. All things have their likeness, the Lord has said, and all things are created and made to bear record of me, both things which are temporal, and things which are spiritual; things which are in the heavens above, and things which are on the earth. Symbolism is the very language of scripture and most ancient text. As we more fully understand the symbolism in the scriptures, mythology, ancient texts, and the temple, we are led to deeper, more profound insights and truths that previously eluded us. The result is that we can then more readily liken the scriptures and ancient texts unto ourselves for our profit and learning.
Symbolism is a language hidden in the margins, tucked between the lines, and suspended below the surface of the words. With study and effort, we can coax the symbolic meaning into the open and become fluent in reading the eternal truths it reveals.

1. General symbols, imagery, archetypes, and motifs.
2. The spiral, and the coil.
3. The crescent and the pillar.
4. The star and the crown.
5. The sword and the mountain.
6. The second creation.
7. The king and the God star.
8. The queen and the angry Goddess.
9. The hero warrior.
10. The monsters and devastation.
11. The lost language of symbolism.
12. Sacred Geometry.


The Electric Universe Interactive 3D Virtual Tour

A virtual reality realistic 3D model of all of the different Planetary and Plasma displays in the sky throughout mankind's history.

This will include everything from the many different shapes the Polar Configuration took on, as well as Aurora plasma discharges in the sky, near-Earth Nebulae, and the clash of the Titans, which was the planetary interaction between our solar systems planets just above the Earth in ancient times.

Why the name "Cosmic Axis"?
The Plasma hypothesis of the formation of planets has very different ideas and thinking to science's Nebular hypothesis (core accretion models, gravitation accretion theory etc). Planets, asteroids, and comets are not formed from this gravitational disk model of the formation of the solar system. The Plasma hypothesis suggests that Birkeland currents, combined with z-pinches and Marklund convection, and electrical stresses of stars are where these bodies are created. In simple terms: Multiple Planets begin forming along a co-linear plasma string we call the axis mundi (also called cosmic axis, world axis, world pillar, center of the world, world tree). Before this axis of plasma and planets broke apart, and reformed into the solar system we see today, ancient man was able to look North and see it extending up and away from Earth. It influenced every aspect of his life, including philosophy, religion, science, mythology, etc. If this theory is proven, it completely changes modern man's understanding of nearly every aspect of his existence. 


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