Who is this theory for?

Both truth and lies come from both Science and Religion.
Cosmism is for anyone that wants to understand what lies, and what truths are being told to us by both our science institutions and the religions of the world. Cosmism doesn't hold all the answers but is an excellent tool for finding them.

Its for those who are willing to look outside whatever dogma, scientific, or religious they believe in.

For those who are willing to see the world through a very different paradigm.
For those with an open mind. Some are just not ready for this information and knowledge.

For those that know that our science institutions are basing too much on theory that prevents us from seeing the truth

For those who don't just trust in our science institutions. Those who can pull truth from other religions besides their own. For those willing to find truth in comparative religion and comparative mythology.

For those with a desire to understand the true meaning of prophecy, and willing to understand that it is not just a vision of the future. It can be easily understood by anyone, not just a prophet.

For those with a hunger and thirst for truth regardless of where it comes from or how conflicting it is with your own beliefs. It is for those brave enough, and hard working enough to look and research into deeper doctrine. Churches teach only a portion of the knowledge needed for this life or the next. It is up to us to find, and apply the rest.

For anyone who truly wants to find the truth of our origins, and the origins of the this planet and the Universe we live in. It is for those that want to know the real story of our ancestors, instead of the version fed to us by science, or the fairy tale fed to us in our Bibles.

For those who want to understand the importance, origins, and meaning of the symbols, archetypes, motifs, and imagery we use and revere today as well as throughout history.